About Gwendolyn Keyes Baker

Helping Women with a More Than 'Skin Deep' Approach

Gwendolyn Keyes Baker is a mother of two amazing daughters, a ministry leader, entrepreneur and author with a wealth of wisdom to share.
Her career spanned almost 30 years in state government and the nonprofit sector. In February 2019, she retired to fully pursue her long-time passion of entrepreneurship. Currently, Gwen and her daughter, Kristen, jointly run MD (Mother-Daughter) Publications, a Christian publishing company where passions become publications. She is also an Independent Consultant with Mary Kay, and owner of Simply Elegant Gifts - her gift basket business. Gwen wrote her first book and an affirmations/gratitude journal - and released them in September 2019 - during a joint book release with her daughter.
Gwen has an undergraduate degree in Social Welfare from SC State University and a Master of Arts in Human Behavior and Conflict Management from Columbia College. 
She has a passion for serving women and seizes every opportunity to positively impact lives.


Gwendolyn K. Baker

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