About Gwendolyn Keyes Baker

Helping Women with a More Than 'Skin Deep' Approach

Gwendolyn Keyes Baker is a mother of two amazing daughters, a ministry leader, entrepreneur and author with a wealth of wisdom to share.
Her career spans almost 30 years in state government and the nonprofit sector. In February 2019, she retired to fully pursue her long-time passion of entrepreneurship. Currently an Independent Consultant with Mary Kay, Gwen is taking a 'more than skin deep' approach in her personal development workshop series called TreasureTalks - designed to help women discover the hidden treasure within. She is also a Paparazzi Accessories Consultant and owner of Simply Elegant Gifts. Gwen has written her first book which is scheduled for release in September 2019.
Gwen has an undergraduate degree in Social Welfare from SC State University and a Master of Arts in Human Behavior and Conflict Management from Columbia College. 
She has a passion for serving women and seizes every opportunity to positively impact lives.


Gwendolyn K. Baker

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