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Lean into the Pain

I’m back with more #LessonsFromPhysicalTherapy. And yes, today’s topic is ‘Lean into the pain.’ You’re probably thinking, ‘Are you crazy?’ That’s EXACTLY what I thought about my physical therapist as she pushed me past what I considered bearable - despite the obvious look of pain on my face. Ok, I had ask, ‘Why is it important to push me further when you know I’m in pain?

She responded by reminding me about the progress I’d made. With each session I’m gaining strength, extending my reach, and getting closer to the full rotation and use of my arm. Yes it hurts, but the consistent work is producing results! So, I’m learning to relax and just lean into the pain as they stretch me past my comfort level.

Many of us are experiencing painful things. Maybe it’s the pain of our past, of a recent loss, financial strain, of our children acting crazy, of divorce, of still being single, of rejection or trauma. Lord knows it’s been a traumatic time in our nation and we’re feeling it! And if I’m honest, some days I’d really rather not deal with it. But let me encourage you today. Lean into the pain and do the work!

I’m reminded of the word I shared during our January Jumpstart. God has awesome things in store for us in this season. But, it’s going to take a greater level of strength, compassion, wisdom, and power to extend our reach in this season. Often we want the results, but without the work. Not happening! We have to press in and endure the pain of the process He’s allowing for our development.

I know. It doesn’t make sense, but I promise you it gets better - if you simply do the work and endure the pain and process. I’ve got receipts to prove it! ~ James 1:2-4 #LessonsFromPhysicalTherapy

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