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It's Growth Season!

I have ONE live plant in my entire home. It added beauty to my office for years, and I when I retired, of course I brought her home with me.

Through the transition, I’ve seen her go through various cycles - from growing and thriving to thinning and looking as though it was dying. Even though I'd changed the pot and soil at times; my beautiful, thriving plant dwindled to almost nothing!

Exasperated, I took it home to my oldest sister who has an amazing green thumb. She investigated it and told me it needed a bigger pot with room for its roots to grow. Hmmmm......I’d just re-potted it, but it was already root-bound! Roots even had the drains in the pot clogged. So, I bought an extra large pot and followed my sister's instructions. To my surprise, in just a couple of months it’s growing and flourishing greatly - full and running along the floor so that I had to add trellises to the pot!

Wisdom Nugget: I knew that a pot could be too small, not allowing for enough soil and nutrients, and constricting the roots. But to my surprise, I also learned that a pot can be too large. Both will restrict growth! Pots that are too large can hold too much water in the soil - leading to mold, rot, and disease - and difficulty keeping soil packed around the roots. It will look out of proportion to its container. Whew! That's a WORD!!

Some of us may be frustrated and not experiencing growth at greater levels because we’re in environments/situations that are restricting our growth or in environments/situations for which we are not ready - causing our lives to be out of alignment, out of proportion. Is fear holding you back? Disobedience? Prayerlessness? Unforgiveness? Or, are you outside of the timing of God? Maybe you're doing well, but a bit uneasy that God is calling you higher.

Whatever your situation, simply yield to God's process and allow Him to work in you to will and to do of His good pleasure (Philippians 2:13). Then you’ll be like a tree planted by the waters - with spreading roots, green leaves even in heated times, and most of all - yielding fruit (that remains) Jeremiah 17:7-8. My plants are a LIVING testimony! May His Power & Presence do the same for you and me 'cause It's Growth Season. Happy Wisdom Wednesday!

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