TreasureHer Network

Midwives. Mothers. Mentors.
Women Helping Women

The TreasureHer Network is a women's empowerment initiative that trains, inspires, equips and educates women of all ages to unlock their potential and fulfill their unique purpose.

As a Christian Brand, the TreasureHer Network is founded on 2 Corinthians 4:7 and Titus 2:3-5. A TreasureHer (treasurer) is entrusted with the privilege and responsibility of guarding treasure - which is simply - something of great worth and/or value. 

While we all possess treasure, some of us don’t know that it exists or what it is! And for others, life has happened  and buried their treasure. Therefore, we are women helping women to build meaningful connections, ‘mine or uncover’ the treasure hidden within, seize growth and development opportunities and navigate life's seasons successfully. Join the Network......you'll never be the same!

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TreasureHer Voice: Mastering the Art of Conversation

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